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Post  DM on Mon May 17, 2010 1:02 pm

Golden Rule*
Respect. It's something we all can endeavor on. It is what brings us together in harmony, to gather and enjoy each other's time. Opinions, emotions, borders, relationships, and religion are all for what we respect. If you do not abide by these categories, and attempt to dislodge people from their courtesy, you will be suspended without warning--this ultimately depends on how serious the disrespect is.

Spamming of any kind is prohibited. Do not double-post--there is an edit button, so use it. Multiple characters are fine as long as they are approved by the games' DM. Multiple threads that are relevant to the same topic are annoying and pointless, so do not do it. Depending on how severe it is, you will be warned a set number of times before suspension.

Racism and Prejudice is highly unnecessary. If you have something to say about someone's race or dialect, please vent it somewhere else where people won't actually care. People are sensitive about their race and / or dialect, and we will suspend you without warning; however, severity will determine length.

Verbal Abuse is required to be limited--this includes being in character. Everybody swears, but not everybody wants to hear you fucking talking like a fucking (Don't pick on the homosexuals!!!) with a bitchy attitude because you're fucking pissed off. In character, this is taken a little more lightly, but you will only have a set number of warnings depending on how overboard you go both in character and out of character. Basically make sure that if your character is swearing that it makes sense in the game.

One-lining is Highly Limited. This place is meant for people who can actually write paragraphs and pages of roleplay. Excessive one-lining will result in a single warning, and a suspension afterwards. If you can't help it, we either recommend you practice your writing abilities some more, or you could ask someone to give advice and help you. All intro posts need to be at least 4000 characters long including spaces. It is HIGHLY recommended that you use at least 1000 chara on all other posts in character, OOC feel free to shoot the shit and one line it.

All Races and Abilities are welcome, within reason and approval of the games' DM. This includes furs and any other race that you want to make. If you cant get the race that you want you can aim at prestige classes to beef yourself up.

The only redundant question is the one that isn't said. If you're unsure of how a rule works, or if you want to know whether or not a rule is going to be broken, ask the Admin or your game's DM.

HAVE FUN. The reason this site is existant is because we're here for entertainment. We're here because we care about your pleasure, satisfaction, and overall happiness. Elitism is something we've all experienced, and is something that brings us down and into the gutters to rot. We, in The Unseen, will not tolerate unnecessary elitism. Yes, we are a roleplaying site geared towards more detailed roleplayers. Some of you may consider it elitist, but we will only get on your case if you don't try or ask for help.

Repeat offenses of any rule will result in a ban. This does not include the following: All Races and Abilities, Ask me, and of course, HAVE FUN.


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